Holding Out Hope Employs a New Worker in Sofia

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Holding Out Hope Employs a New Worker in Sofia

Starting in January 2015, Holding Out Hope began employing a new worker to care for the children in a small group home (SGH) in Sofia. These children have multiple disabilities and due to lack of funding, only one carer is employed by the state to look after them. This means the children are unable to enjoy any activities outside of just being kept clean and fed. The children spend their whole lives confined to the home where they sit or lie in one room all day without stimulation. The carer is unable to provide any more than the basic care and their main interaction with the children is during the 30 minutes scheduled to feed all of them the same bread in broth.

Holding Out Hope employed this new worker with the vision that she would fulfil a different role in the home. She will be able to help the children enjoy new activities including taking them out of the home to access the community, encouraging their development, providing stimulation, enabling them to enjoy mealtimes and improving their quality of life vastly. After a long selection process, the SGH employed a young woman who has experience working with children with special needs. She works as a psychologist and part-time in a school where she provides support to children with various difficulties. She was selected for being very motivated for the job and expressing a real interest in getting to know the children to develop various activities suited to each one’s individual abilities and development.

Holding Out Hope would like a say a massive thank you to all of the people who have donated to the charity so generously to enable us to employ this carer. We will be getting regular updates from her and the SGH to follow the children’s progress and her work with them. We hope that we will be able to share some wonderful stories through the year of how she is helping to improve the lives of these children. Also, if anyone is interesting in volunteering to work with her to stimulate the children through activities and accessing the community please get in touch (pete_brady@outlook.com). Thank you again.


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